Save The Date! Op Cit Sunday January 13: Barbara Robidoux & Miriam Sagan

We’ll be reading in honor of Barbra’s new book. I’ll open for her, and read from two forthcoming collections, including poems of Japan and the border.

Join us 2-4 pm

Here is the news on her book:

The Storm Left No Flowers by Barbara Robidoux
$14.99, paper
Barbara Robidoux is the author of the poetry collection Migrant Moon (Miriam’s Well 2012). Her poetry has appeared in journals and anthologies nationwide including In Medias Res and Off the Coast, Bearing the Mask; Southwestern Persona Poems Barbara also writes fiction, which has appeared in the Denver Quarterly, the Yellow Medicine Review, the Santa Fe Literary Review, Dawnland Voices, and numerous anthologies. Sweetgrass Burning: Stories from the Rez, a collection of linked short stories, was released by Blue Hand Books in February 2016. The novella The Legacy of Lucy Little Bear was released by Blue Hand Books in March 2017. Barbara holds an MFA from the Institute of American Indian Arts, an MA from Vermont College, and a BA from the University of New Hampshire. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she is at work on a forthcoming novel and works as faculty at the Institute of American Indian Arts MFA program in creative writing.
At the outset of Barbara Robidoux’s The Storm Left No Flowers, she warns, “We are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction,” yet extends her premise to say, “the earth maintains her beauty.” In here, delicate words to articulate that beauty; further, we find ourselves standing in a still and expansive space to appreciate. To see. Amid barbed wire , old dented Chevy Novas, candy wrappers and cigarette butts, there’s the Rio Chama and beaver dams, cattails, cottonwood, juniper and cholla cactus. Yet this is not a collection that lulls and rocks us into earthy bliss. There’s an underlying, palpable current of electricity; an urgency, line by line, as Robidoux implores us to “remember the sanctity and continuum of life on this planet,” and ultimately, to “align yourself with the good winds.” I thank Robidoux for this shake at my shoulder, her voice waking me to see “the world is tattered, torn to its core.”
–Layli LongSoldier
“These poems took my breath away. Robidoux has written a love poem to the earth and all her inhabitants. Her words open up new and ancient ways to see what surrounds us. It is a book I will return to always.”
–Demetria Martinez poet Breathing Between the Lines and The Devil’s Workshop
“We live in indisputable difficult times for the earth and its inhabitants. In the midst of ecological disaster and rapid change beauty can still be found–by looking squarely at reality without false hope or false fear. Barbara Robidouxis the poet for this task. With her sensitivity to landscape and terrain, her unflinching eye notes the world around us. These poems are full of lyric hope and yes, even redemption, but without denial. The poet’s path ranges from Maine to the Southwest, from practicalities to the realms of spirit. These poems can help what ails us.”
–Miriam Sagan author of Seven Places in America: A Poetic Sojourn

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