Glorious (alphabet) Garden by Margaret Wood

Glorious (alphabet) Garden by Margaret Wood

Acequia del Llano, filling ditches, cisterns, to water
Apple trees, tart/sweet New Mexico Delicious,
Arugula, spicy Dragon’s Tongue and Rocket,
Apricots luscious, overwhelmingly abundant,
Beans, scarlet ruby, running up their strings,
Carrots, with their ferny tops,
Cherries, sweet or sour, for the birds and for us,
Daisies’ upturned faces sprinkled through the grass,
Delphinium, my favorite, stalks of blue and purple,
Evening primrose, echinacia,
Flax, sky blue, tiny, intense,
Grapes, growing larger on immense trailing vines,
Green chile—Big Jim, Chimayo, Sandia Hot,
Honeysuckle climbing over coyote fence poles,
Indian Paintbrush, flames along the dirt road,
Jonquils, cheerful yellow, prolific in May,
Kale, gone to seed, as tall as my nose,
Lettuce—red sail, oak leaf, frisee,
Lovage, lavender, basil and dill,
Mint—yerba buena—fresh scent as I step,
Nepeta, or catmint, with brilliant purple flowers,
Orchids, phaleonopsis, on the bathtub ledge,
Plums, dark blue-purple, sour skin but sweet inside,
Queen Anne’s Lace– small, delicate and white,
Raspberries, red and golden, when I prune them right,
Snow peas, snap peas, sunflowers,
Tomatoes nearly ripe: zebra striped, indigo drops, black krim, bella rosa,
Undulating garter snake, gliding, surprising,
Veronica, blue-violet with pointed tips,
Wild pink rose, fragrant, spreading,
Xeriscape plants, natives that thrive,
Yarrow—feather leaves with yellow bursts,
Zinnias for last, magenta, from last year’s seeds.

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