Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum

Like so many girl readers of my generation, I loved her books, particularly Plum Creek. And yes, I’ve read the huge Pulitzer Prize winning biography that discusses her racism in detail, and the lie that was sold pioneers on the arid plains. This lie–that rain follows the plow–was used to draw settlers to barely arable land in the interest of manifest destiny and Native American genocide.
That said, I still love Wilder’s books. Compared to Little Women they seem less prissy, less constricted. Compared to Willa Cather they seem simplistic, but not every book can be “Song of the Lark.” Most importantly, they aren’t “Giants in the Earth” where women go mad in sod houses on the plains. Understandable, but I prefer my literary women sane.
Anyway, I’m sentimental enough to have enjoyed a visit to the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum in Pepin, Wisconsin.

2 thoughts on “Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum

  1. I still have and periodically re-read my original copies of all the “Little House” books. My mom gave us books for Valentine’s Day every year and eventually I had a complete set. I treasure them even more for her loving messages written inside.

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