Don’t Give Your Creative Authority Away

I enjoyed the ideas put out here by Trish Hopkins–

Do I need a Strategy to Submit Writing to Literary Magazines and Journals?
Here’s an excerpt:
“The short answer is, if you want a strategy, if it helps you plan and manage your submissions and/or keeps you writing, then YES! There’s no fancy formula for being more successful with publication. It varies from person to person based on their goals and priorities. Some writers want as many publications as possible to get their name out there and build up their C.V. or publication credentials. Others only want to submit to paying markets and contests to bring in extra income or based on the principle that they should always be compensated for their work. Some use publication to push themselves to be better writers and to participate actively in the writing community. And some writers have little interest in publication—choosing to use writing as a creative outlet or to share with family and friends. I’ve certainly weaved in and out of all these approaches over the years and there’s nothing wrong with that either.”

To take this a little further, I want to add that publishing–and its hustle–are not the capstone on a creative project. Don’t give away your own authority to editors and publishers, i.e. don’t let rejection devastate you. The ordinary human status of editors is for a further exploration, but basically your job is not to externalize authority. Your authority as a writer lies within. Feedback may be helpful–or useless. But basically–other peoples’ opinions are none of your business. I hope this makes sense! It’s one of the ways I’ve lasted for fifty years as a published writer.

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