I Came Close to Getting Into A Fight On Facebook

An acquaintance posted something about elections that was at odds with the politics of their cohort. Well, the hysterical outpouring of response couldn’t have been greater than if the person in question was threatening kittens, throwing chocolate truffles out the window, or letting a baby play with power tools. This person was wrong wrong wrong.
What strikes me is not the topic, but the impulse to social control. Full disclosure–I don’t care deeply about electoral politics and am a reluctant if dutiful voter. I’m of the power corrupts school of thought, and I can’t really believe that most of our elected officials are ethical in the sense that I’d recognize in daily life. Also, I really try to not allow events beyond my control to dominate my personal actions and pursuit of happiness.
So if you say you might not vote in a particular election I regarded it the way I do folks who say they never volunteer or give philanthropy. I don’t think it is the greatest good, but I assume you have your reasons. Which you are more than entitled to. I’m not against the social contract–please drive the speed limit and get vaccinated (actually both these things might save your own life) but I’m not going to get hysterical if your notion of how to live differs from mine.
The inability to accept views we disagree with is pandemic–and not part of any solution. The idea that certain things are EVIL and that all right minded people agree on a course of action is kind of…fundamentalist…medieval…fanatical…I doubt anyone is going to really argue with me, until I link to Facebook, but thank you for reading!

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