You Are Invited: Call For Pop-Up Poetry Party

Call For Pop-Up Poetry Party

Bill Waters the of Poetry in Public Places Project says:

Isolation, to a greater or lesser extent, has suddenly become the new normal, and open spaces — parks, trails, paths, sidewalks — are surging in popularity as places where people can get out of the house for a while to stretch their legs, alone or with a friend or two.

At this time of uncertainty and worry, poetry in public places can be more than something to enrich the hustle-bustle of everyday life. It can serve as a point of connection to something bigger than even a pandemic: the universal human experience, of which illness is only one part.


Bill Waters and Miriam Sagan of the blog Miriam’s Well (http://miriaswell.wrdpresscom) invite you to participate in a far flung poetry pop-up project.

The aim: Pick a site in any location you can access. Write a poem about or suited to that place, your feelings and observations, etc. Please do not limit yourself to current news or virus concerns—be expansive.

Installation: This is essentially ephemeral or guerrilla art as we are’t installing in a group (maybe later!) with permission from something like a sculpture garden. Figure out how you want to place the poem in the site—tied to a tree, hidden in a box, written on earth or sand, attached to yarn bombing…the options are endless.

Proviso: Be respectful of the site—don’t litter or obstruct anything.

Documentation: Take some photos, type the poem up, and send to us. We will create an on-line way of showcasing your work.

Maintenance: Some pieces will be documented and come down immediately. Some work is meant to weather away. Some is meant to be pocketed by a passer-by. Figure out how long you want to keep the poem “up”—are you re-writing it in the sand every day? Or not.

Contact: Miriam at
Bill at

We’d also love to hear from you if you just want to share your preliminary idea.

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I'm blogging about poetry, land art, haiku, women artists, road trips, and Baba Yaga at Miriam's Well ( The well is ALWAYS looking to publish poetry on our themes, sudden fiction, and guest bloggers and musers.

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