Pop-Up Poetry Poetry with Lucy Moore

Last summer they wanted
To build a fort.
Why, I asked.
To see who’s coming.
More pause.
To stay safe.
Each with an answer.

We found a place for the fort,
On top of our ramada.
Sawing, hammering, sanding
Happily in the summer air.

This morning
I climbed up the ladder
And saw the horizon
Was it coming?
Was I safe?

There was nothing to see.
Same trees, same road,
same ravens wheeling in the blue sky.

–Lucy Moore, March 28, 2020

Note from the author:

I posted it secretly without Roberto knowing what I was doing. He went out back to dump the compost and saw it.

“I saw what you did. Is it a poem?” (did not boost my confidence)

“Yes. It’s a pop up poem in a public place, although probably no one will see it except you since no one comes into our yard these days.”

“I like it.” (wow 100% approval rating!)

1 thought on “Pop-Up Poetry Poetry with Lucy Moore

  1. Thanks, Mir! I just puffed with pride to see it there. You are many amazing things, and one of them is hugely generous.

    About our last gathering and sadness. It’s hard to express sadness, even to recognize it sometimes, maybe because it is so….well…. so sad. I am really glad that our little clan has become a place where that can happen. And I really appreciate your ability and courage to just say it – whether sad, angry, tender, distraught, euphoric. You can nail it and I love that!

    Thanks again, sweetie,



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