Contact Tracing by Vicki Holmsten

Contact Tracing

The hawk rides the thermals
above the sandy trail
where a horned toad bakes in the spring sunshine
under the blooming yucca cactus
across the trail from the red globe mallow in bloom.
A bit farther down, paw prints from the fox.
When your boot crunches on the trail
between the yucca and the globe mallow
next to the fox prints,
you have
touched the hawk,
so soar and play in the high breeze
on this bright blue April day.

–Vicki Holmsten
Farmington, New Mexico
Earth Day, April 2020

The poet notes “In response to your invitation earlier this month to join the Pop Up Poetry Party, I send this along.

This is my Earth Day Poem–Contact Tracing– that I planted on a trail in Farmington, New Mexico. All paper, no plastic. Maybe the wind will get it, or better yet, the fox.”

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