Secret’s Quilt

PEG – Profanity Embroidery Group – Whitstable

This morning we are taking a little diversion away from the Quilt of Profanity.
Over the past three years PEG has run a sister project with far less profanity involved in the stitching, although that has been nicely balanced by the profanities involved in the making, and this is our Secrets Quilt.
This quilt came to be from an idea suggested by Jacqueline Hall when we had one our ‘what next’ meetings. At the time the group voted to work on song lyrics for the exhibition, but Bridget Carpenter saw the potential of the Secrets idea for a community project, and LoveSecretsand was born.
We invited, via social media and workshops, people to post us their stitched secrets – anonymously. And you did!
It was so bloody exciting when they started to arrive – from all over the cockwombling world!
Some made us laugh, some made us well up, and some made us a bit worried. But all of them are beautiful stitched treasures.
This quilt is once again made almost entirely from recycled textiles, with the body of the quilt being deconstructed old denim shirts we bulk bought for peanuts.
The cuffs and pockets from the shirts were included around the stitched secrets and when we finally get to display the fucking thing for real, we’ll be inviting you to place further secrets in those pockets.
And so why are we telling you about this now? Because the fucking thing is finished!
If you’d like to see more, pop over to LoveSecretsand on Instagram or visit

So yes, I have a piece in the Secret Quilt, but I’ll never tell what it is. Miriam

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