3 Haiku by Joe Hutchison: From the 100 Thousand Poets for Change Reading


O heart weighed down by so many wings

(from The World As Is: New & Selected Poems, 1972-2015)

three days, two spring snows:
jays and crows put pride aside
at the bird feeder

(from Haiku Journal 61)

heron on stick legs,
spread wings edged by sunset—
long day, many fish

(from Lifting the Sky: Southwestern Haiku and Haiga)

3 Haiku from Mary Oishi–100 Thousand Poets for Change Reading

after hearing about Julia Chen, a haiku

cut more than eyes when
she cut epicanthic folds
ancestors bleeding

(Rock Paper Scissors, Swimming With Elephants 2018)

morning moon hangs faint
in a periwinkle sky
yesterday lingers


The Least of These

Jesus cries himself
to sleep on the floor of a
Walmart in Brownsville

(Fixed And Free Poetry Anthology 2018)