Book Arts class is over. Here is one more example from the Maternal Mitochodria team-that’s me and Isabel Winson-Sagan.

Our piece is about take-out in the pandemic. It creates more ephemera, and waste. Yet we await those brown bags full of steaming food. The tiny book was the actual assignment–it references the cute charms on Japanese key chains and back packs. Inside the paper bag that the book is attached to–some recipes for perfect noodles. This one by Isabel:

1. Open the packet with a pair of scissors
2. Ready your deepest and most delicate bowl
3. Place your hands on top of your head, right over left, in supplication 
4. Take the advice of any passing talking animals
5. Fill your shirt with water from the purest spring
6. Di liebe is zees, nor zi iz gut mit broyt.
7. Eat! 

The Yiddish says– love is good, but it’s good with bread. 

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