New Scrolls in the Fairy Houses

The Fairy Houses at Santa Fe Skies RV Park off Route 14 have been refreshed! We asked poet Bill Waters to respond to the site. (Thank you Bill for this beautiful interpretation of the project!).

There are three sculptures, based on Asian spirit houses, and created by Tim Brown out of recycled metal.

Mid-summer’s Eve!
dancing and drumming
beneath a mushroom moon

closer and closer
a faint buzz cuts the air —
pixie wings

gone dancing!
carried on a breeze

kicking back
after a long, long day . . .
sipping a brew in the cantina

party night!
spilling from the cantina
music and beer

into the cabin:
sunlight and birdsong

drowsy day . . .
a sweet afternoon sleep
in the cabin

from the cabin
the fragrance of coffee . . .
early morning


Come discover the Fairy Houses!

On the dog walking path, about midway, in Santa Fe Skies RV Park.

An outdoor treasure hunt with social distancing.

Find three sculptures—a cabin, a cantina, and a mushroom.

Carefully open the doors to find a scroll hidden inside, which tells the tales of the magical creatures who work and inhabit these abodes.

Read, enjoy, and return the scrolls so others can find them.

They will be lit up at night.

This especially for the Park guests, but is free and open to the public as well. Check out the mysterious little offerings of pebbles and coins that passers-by have been adding to the scene.

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