Deliver Us: Sculpture by James Gould

This was up temporarily in the Railyard Park. I hope it finds a more ongoing home, as I missed the chance to see it!

The artist says:

The laundry hamper was found abandoned in an acequia within the City of Santa Fe among other articles in various stages of usefulness. It stood untouched for several days before being adopted for a chance at a new life within a work of sculpture. A lifetime of nurturing creative intuition served up a vision for a large, playful adaptation with tall hoops and long wings. The inspirational gift came with the title, Deliver Us.

A working knowledge of craft and structure contributed to realizing the vision. Dedicated persistence saw it through with time spent milling wood, shaping parts, fabricating delicate bent laminations and negotiating hardware fittings. Finishing treatments were applied in harmony with the bin’s framework.

Quests born of dreams often employ the inventive use of materials. The Wright Brothers conjured flight from a bicycle shop. Pioneers set out in covered wagons with wood spoked wheels and other trappings for an overland journey. Longing can result in something tangible. Hot air balloons take a certain form as do some insects among us. Lacey wings. Bulbous heads. Long tentacles. Multiple feet. Nature evolves forms. Workmanship can also give form to what is imagined.

An enigmatic creation can summon familiar comparisons, call up a smile and spark links to other thoughts and feelings. For some, an ambiguous mystery is also welcome on its own terms. A clear, definitive explanation is sometimes best left unattended.

Deliver Us
completed in 2021
19’ 10” W, 13’ 5” H, 3’ D
domestic hard and soft wood, metal hardware, found object
James Gould Santa Fe, New Mexico

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