Fallen Star

Fallen Star
after Do Ho Suh’s sculpture, 2012, UC San Diego

the house fell like a meteor
but didn’t burn up
in earth’s atmosphere
or even hit an old lady
hanging out her laundry
in Yuma, Arizona

instead it landed
on the 7th floor
of the engineering building
at an odd
but secure angle
looking down on campus
with its hopeful self-engrossed undergraduates

once we landed
we set about
cleaning up
luckily the green garden hose
had survived the fall
along with the flower pots
and two mourning doves
had nested
on an unused bucket

you were there
and I was too
with our usual
asleep in each others’ arms

best of all
three crows
landed on our roof
cawing as if
they finally realized
we are all at home
here among the stars


Photos by Rich Feldman.

4 thoughts on “Fallen Star

  1. Great collaboration! The photos & the words. Looks a bit like the house that landed on the wicked witch of the west in Oz (or was it east?). I really enjoy your blogs, Miriam. I’m about to rejuvenate mine. It’s lain fallow for a couple of years by choice. But my book of poems is about to hit the wind and it’s time to get out into the world again. Xo L

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