Fascinating Project from Sofie Verraest

Selections from a long poetry cycle, written about waking up and going to sleep.

Waking up going to sleep

Waking up 9.03am
Big sound Vanessa.
Just killed 2 roaches is my guess.
Its not her habit.
But it will be.

Going to sleep 1.26am
Tomorrow dave.
We’ll throw it all away tomorrow.
Tonight the night is deep come into my arms.
Is that shit on ur tail.

Waking up 7.09am
The thing with construction sites is theyrr next door.

Going to sleep 10.32pm
Omg trees.
Dont think the new pills work.
Have u seen them.

Waking up 7.04am
Daughter says.
She doesn’t want to wait doesnt want to wait doesnt want to.
Do u know who also didnt want to wait.
The boy this boy oh but my mind swims.
The boy that died get mommy a glass of milk.
Mommy’s poisoned heat it up mommy’s cold.
The boy died of impatience.

Going to sleep 00.20am
I pray for a new van.
There are other things I could pray for.
But I pray for a new van.

Sofie Verraest writes poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, in English and Dutch. She lives in Brussels and teaches at Ghent University and the Royal Arts Academy KASK. She was offered writing fellowships and residencies from the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation for Creative Writing (2018), Akademie Schloss Solitude (2020), and Pogon Zagreb (2021), among others.

Link to the full cycle: https://www.instagram.com/wakingupgoingtosleep/

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