Untitled by Donald Judd. Poem by Miriam Sagan

I went to the show at the Albuquerque Museum of prints done at the Tamarind Institute. I took home a postcard of this Donald Judd.

It really caught my interest. I took it to a writing retreat in Pagosa Springs and propped it over my desk. I wrote a short section for each image–often several a day. It seemed like each poem/section worked individually, but did they make a whole?

Thanks to the Pine Cone Review for publishing all of it! https://thepineconereview.com/miriam-sagan-untitled-after-donal-judd-set-of-20-woodcuts-issue-4/

Here is the opening:

after Donald Judd
set of 20 woodcuts

West Texas is
big. When my father
stroked out
we drove east to Amarillo
but going no closer nor
further away
than we usually were
from his ravaged brain.

Drove east to an ancient
flint mine, a bar-b-que place
twice the size of our city block,
a large gin and tonic.

Some things are so large
there is no way around them.

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