Meg Nicks: Forest Fires

Meg Nicks is an artist living in the Canadian Rockies. I know her through Art Loves Science–now called Biophilium. We share a profound relationship to wild fires because of the similarities in our environments.

I’ve enjoyed her work for several years, and it seems to have acquired even more depth and feeling.

Title: Turbulent Dissolution

Lost Creek Fire

Red Moons: Shaman’s Jacket from a Season of Fire and Ash

I love this piece–not only about fire but a memorial to a deceased friend.

I’ve posted this in “Climate Change Haiku.” If the work inspires any poetry, do send it to the blog–

Lounging Through The Flood by Jenny Kendler

Editor’s note: I recently completed a two week residency on water, Submerged with Biophylium (formerly Ayatana/Art Loves Science. As always, working with this group is an incredible voyage of discovery. I’ll be sharing some of what I learned about as we move into summer.

Also, Miriam’s Well (that is, me!) will be on the road in upcoming weeks, mostly in the Great Lakes. So expect more water!

However, fire is always with us these days. Just a reminder, the blog is continuing to publish forest fire haiku and climate change haiku, with any approach. I started receiving fire haiku at all hours, and I just post them as they come in, so do send–

Forest Fire Haiku by Stella Reed

Wildfire Haiku
~Stella Reed

through a haze of smoke
red sun
casts blue shadows

What to take. What to leave.
On the map villages
glow red yellow green.

stalwart pines on fire
on blackbird’s wing

planes drop pink slurry
of falling prayers

Amidst smoke and ash
baby goats arrive!
Small sparks of joy.

Winds shift. Fires grow.
Womens’ rights also
in flames?