Poetry Posts: Looking for Poets, Artists, Curators

There are 10 poetry posts on Santa Fe Community College’s campus.


Since I’ve retired, no one is maintaining them, so I think I’ll just continue to as a community project for the time being. But I need help!

I’m looking for:

a poet with ten poems
an editor who wants to create a suite of ten poems
an artist, collagist, collaborative group to create 10 pages of images plus poetry

Each post houses a simple standard piece of paper


I’m going to put out a call in my on-line class and to the staff of Santa Fe Literary Review.
A selection from an e-zine would work. Each poem shoud be no more than one page.

Write me at msagan1035@aol.com to participate

You can mail me hard copy or a pdf would work too. It’s fun, and there’s audience. I’ll install the work. Interested?

Poetry Month #16: Safety Net Aphorisms

Artist Suzanne Vilmain created a clay circus in a suitcase. This served as an inspiration for the Fiction class at SFCC, in which each student wrote a 1-line aphorism on the themes of “inside/outside” and “safety net.” Below are some images of the combinations:




The aphorisms are also now posted in the ten poetry posts on campus. Check them out!





Albuquerque Poetry Post

There is a lovely poetry post in Albuquerque.


The curators say: We’ve had the pole up for about 3 years; when we first put it up it was just plastic sleeves for the poems and a simple sign- since then we’ve had a metal artist we know make us a steel sign and steel frames for the poems. We know lots of folks who make sure their regular neighborhood walk passes the pole, and we’ve even had a school field trip come to the pole, and all the kids left their own poems behind for us to post! Our block also has a little library and a magazine exchange. Thanks for the interest!

Current poem by Joan Logghe:


Click to see text.

Up Close: Lorraine E. Leslie Documents the Poetry Posts on SFCC Campus

Check them out!










I am nature and you can’t control me
my breathe, a vaporous gas
With this release, I have set myself free.

Pressure builds up inside, volcanically
ash spews, from my fiery crevasse
I am nature and you can’t control me.

My hair, golden and flowing around me
it runs, like molten lava down my ass
With this release, I have set myself free.

My hot blood oozes out into the sea
sizzling, it turns into solid mass
I am nature and you can’t control me.

Fissures erupt from my core, viscerally
my cone shatters like an inverted wineglass
With this release, I have set myself free.

Like the goddesses Pele and Kali*
I will destroy all who trespass
I am nature and you can’t control me
with this release, I have set myself free!

*Pele is the goddess of volcanoes.
*Kali is the Hindu goddess of change and destruction

Lorraine E. Leslie