Poetry Post News

FRAMED! There is new project for the Poetry Posts on Santa Fe Community College campus.

Santa Fe Poet Laureate Elizabeth Jacobson, along with Miriam Sagan who originated the posts, will curate 12 poets in the next 24 months. Expect a gathering of voices and some fresh poetry. There are ten posts for a walkable literary experience. The inaugural installation is poetry by Elizabeth Jacobson, to celebrate her appointment. It’s up July and August!

Courtyard C

Poetry Posts Feature Taos Writer Kate O’Neill

Look for all ten on the campus of Santa Fe Community College.

Courtyard C is always a lovely spot

A community garden has grown up around one of the posts on the Fitness Center trail. How serendipitous to post Kate’s poem “Seeds” there!

To the west of the bookstore in a bit of wild earth you can find two posts as well

Rest within a bone–
Such might be a way

Poetry Posts: Looking for Poets, Artists, Curators

There are 10 poetry posts on Santa Fe Community College’s campus.


Since I’ve retired, no one is maintaining them, so I think I’ll just continue to as a community project for the time being. But I need help!

I’m looking for:

a poet with ten poems
an editor who wants to create a suite of ten poems
an artist, collagist, collaborative group to create 10 pages of images plus poetry

Each post houses a simple standard piece of paper


I’m going to put out a call in my on-line class and to the staff of Santa Fe Literary Review.
A selection from an e-zine would work. Each poem shoud be no more than one page.

Write me at msagan1035@aol.com to participate

You can mail me hard copy or a pdf would work too. It’s fun, and there’s audience. I’ll install the work. Interested?

Poetry Month #16: Safety Net Aphorisms

Artist Suzanne Vilmain created a clay circus in a suitcase. This served as an inspiration for the Fiction class at SFCC, in which each student wrote a 1-line aphorism on the themes of “inside/outside” and “safety net.” Below are some images of the combinations:




The aphorisms are also now posted in the ten poetry posts on campus. Check them out!





Albuquerque Poetry Post

There is a lovely poetry post in Albuquerque.


The curators say: We’ve had the pole up for about 3 years; when we first put it up it was just plastic sleeves for the poems and a simple sign- since then we’ve had a metal artist we know make us a steel sign and steel frames for the poems. We know lots of folks who make sure their regular neighborhood walk passes the pole, and we’ve even had a school field trip come to the pole, and all the kids left their own poems behind for us to post! Our block also has a little library and a magazine exchange. Thanks for the interest!

Current poem by Joan Logghe:


Click to see text.

Up Close: Lorraine E. Leslie Documents the Poetry Posts on SFCC Campus

Check them out!










I am nature and you can’t control me
my breathe, a vaporous gas
With this release, I have set myself free.

Pressure builds up inside, volcanically
ash spews, from my fiery crevasse
I am nature and you can’t control me.

My hair, golden and flowing around me
it runs, like molten lava down my ass
With this release, I have set myself free.

My hot blood oozes out into the sea
sizzling, it turns into solid mass
I am nature and you can’t control me.

Fissures erupt from my core, viscerally
my cone shatters like an inverted wineglass
With this release, I have set myself free.

Like the goddesses Pele and Kali*
I will destroy all who trespass
I am nature and you can’t control me
with this release, I have set myself free!

*Pele is the goddess of volcanoes.
*Kali is the Hindu goddess of change and destruction

Lorraine E. Leslie