SF Poetry Garden: Acequia de Las Joyas

I’ve started working on the lot! It’s been scary, making that first mark on a blank canvas.
First off, I’m about to get a water hook-up from the City–which despite its mixed reputation has been fine to work with. (Knock wood). A crew member even told me some history of the adjacent lot–it had been a bar back in the 1950’s!

No need for a lot of water, but if I’m going to put in cottonwoods they’ll need a drip to get established. Also, sculptors of earth like water. Frankly it is so little it could be hauled, but I’ve heard install prices will eventually jump and right now the street is unpaved, so no asphalt fee. Considering what drought prices may become, I’m doing it now. But basically still on xeriscaping.

That said, one of my several consultants suggested boulders. Boulders R Us is half the price of anyone else in town–find them on 599. Great selection. The darker stone is from Taos gorge, the rest from Las Vegas (NM) area.

Next steps–
1. Seed native grasses and wait for monsoon. Right now it is red ant, goat head, jimson weed…a disturbed zone.
2. Fence it.
3. There will be a pop-up show in the fall, curated by a dynamic young curator I’ve been working with. But these details will have to wait!

At that point, I’m considering Stage 1 (2018) done. Stage 2 is the more elaborate and expensive–permanent text installation. In 2021 (how did this happen? I’ve never been booked out this far before in my life) the Garden will be part of a national land art show on Extraction (mining, underground, etc.). Again, stay tuned, and I’m happy to be able to share this.