At the start of the pandemic last year I made a To Do list. It was all about maintaining–mobility, finances, family, house, writing.

Now the breezes of spring–and a vaccinated pod–make me wonder. Should I be aspiring to something? Having a dream? Looking, gulp, forward?

I don’t know. This time feels more convalescent than expansive. But I can feel my imagination starting to stir. Your thoughts?


I always find visual art inspiring. This year for Vivo Gallery’s project Giving Voice To Image I’ll be working with Barrie Brown’s glass pieces.

Figural Gaze

We wish to counter Bustes de Femmes and the other of 1000s of exhibits like it, by presenting the works of femxle and queer identifying artists whose skill in figural portraiture demonstrates a diverse array of contemporary visions, sensitivities, and/or ideals, that usurp or unconventionally assume the traditional utilization of the male and/or dominant gazes.