What the Future Holds by Pagi

What the Future Holds

I’m singing, dancing, waving to you.
I’m singing, dancing, waving to you.
first because that is how it is,
how it must be. But, will I
be here for when you sing, dance,
and wave for me
sing, dance, and wave for me?
Because that is how it is
how it should be
how it must be.

Will you be here for the grand
finale? When a musician plays a
sad melody behind the velvet curtain
as a comedy dancer
first exits right stage
then exits left stage and then
it’s a grand finale when a
writer stands center stage
and reads from some
Unknown manuscripts
that  they say is theirs
and then remains afterwards
for the signing and reception.

Yu rah ah rayk kum ken
ong ah eh van kum ken
Yu rah ah rayk kum ken
ong ah eh van kum ken.

– Pagi

A Short History of Rock and Roll by Miriam Sagan

I’m 14 years old, dancing in my dark bedroom in my undies to The Doors. If I hear my parents in the corridor outside I turn the music down. And if Jim Morrison is singing “Whiskey Bar” I turn it all the way down. The song just sounds…so dirty. I don’t want my parents to hear it.
54 years later, the scene in my bedroom is pretty much the same, except my parents are long dead and I moved away after high school. How old was I before I realized that “Whiskey Bar (Alabama Song)” was the only thing by the Doors my parents would have instantly recognized. After all, it was written by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill. And the original lyrics are more transgressive. Morrison, at least in the album version, changed “show us the way to the next little boy” to “little girl.”
It turns out that my ignorance about primary sources will plague me for years. No, the Rolling Stones did not write “All My Love In Vain.” Robert Johnson did. After he sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads and before he was stabbed by a jealous lover. But that is another story.

Small Painting #2

The wall sconce was here when I bought the house almost 35 years ago–my favorite detail.
Santiago Cadena has painted a vast scene on a small canvas. When I look at it, it seems huge. I got this at Magpie in Taos–my favorite gallery in New Mexico.
How fortunate I am to be living a life that includes these things.

Small Painting #1

I have a small house, full of small paintings. I’m going to highlight some of the new ones.

This was bought at Folk Art Market with my friend Ana, from the booth that shows a group of painters from Cuba. Ana said: that would make a good book cover. And since I’ve been talking about being old, this seems appropriate as an image to sit on my desk.

It also reminds me of the Daughter of Cups in the Motherpeace Tarot–although the Daughter is a younger version.

The painter is Luis Arias, from El Grupe Bayate.