Autumn Haiku

Feels like the first time in a while I’ve had a nice day at home. Thinking about the upcoming Jewish holidays and catching up on my thought and…hand wash. Hand wash was one of the industrious things I did when young but have gotten out of the habit of. My sweaters look good!


snails in the compost
wolf spider in the mailbox–
call it autumn


Translating Basho

Translating Basho

The other night, there was a beautiful conjunction of the crescent moon, Venus, and lowest down, Jupiter, in our western sky. My daughter Isabel was spending the evening. I was enjoying Robert Aiken’s book on Basho–still evocative after many years.

Basho writes:

kono michi ya
yuku hito nashi ni
aki no kure

I asked Isabel to look at it–she can read Japanese.

We got:

ah, this way
without travelers
autumn’s evening

and a variation–

nobody walks
this way but me–
autumn evening

But I like this last one best–mostly Isabel’s:

this path, moving
without anyone
in the autumn evening