Poetry Month Is Fast Approaching–Send Miriam’s Well A Poem!

Happy spring equinox! Hot Springs is in my rear view mirror-sad to leave, happy to be home! Or actually, headed out on some more travels, and then home! It’s a restless time of year–spring fever!

Looking ahead–April is poetry month. I’ll be blogging a poem a day, often using work from the last year of the blog. But mostly YOUR work!

Miriam’s Well is glad to blog previously published work–just send the credit. Please send the poem in the body of the email as well as by attachment or pdf. Fancy indentations and italics don’t work too well in wordpress, so these may get lost. Also–looking for concrete poems, 1 word poems, tiny poems, images that might “count” as poems, haiga, translations, and more. Email for blog is msagan10#5@aol.com


Weathergrams done with kids–and some adults–at Ozark cultural center, Hot Springs National Park

Poetry Posts: Looking for Poets, Artists, Curators

There are 10 poetry posts on Santa Fe Community College’s campus.


Since I’ve retired, no one is maintaining them, so I think I’ll just continue to as a community project for the time being. But I need help!

I’m looking for:

a poet with ten poems
an editor who wants to create a suite of ten poems
an artist, collagist, collaborative group to create 10 pages of images plus poetry

Each post houses a simple standard piece of paper


I’m going to put out a call in my on-line class and to the staff of Santa Fe Literary Review.
A selection from an e-zine would work. Each poem shoud be no more than one page.

Write me at msagan1035@aol.com to participate

You can mail me hard copy or a pdf would work too. It’s fun, and there’s audience. I’ll install the work. Interested?

Fond Farewell to Poetry Month

April isn’t my cruelest month, because it is my birthday month, Poetry Month, and Santa Fe is full of lilacs and…hail, snow, sleet, and rain. All of which are a treat in the desert.

Poetry Month gives me a chance to review–and re-blog–work on Miriam’s Well and this round I was glad to add some new poets too as well as new work by favorite contributors.

The semester is ending, and I’m humming “school’s out forever” because even though it will start again, summer vacation just feels wonderfully endless at its start.

So–what to blog? Some prose, images, news…and yes, always poetry. Planning a cross country trip full of roadside art, food, and a mini residency. SO I hope to report on between here and there–God willing & the creek don’t rise, as my husband Rich says.

What do you want to read? What do you want to write?

Send me something–I’ve got a particular yen for haibun, flash memoir, and musings on identity.


April Is Poetry Month!

POETRY MONTH is almost here!

In the month of April, I hope to post a poem a day.

I’ll be drawing on the blog’s archives, but am also looking to publish YOUR poems. Previously published work is fine. I always like short poetry, or poems tied in to the blog’s themes. Concrete or visual work is welcome too. Lyric poems should be well crafted.



Looking forward to it!



Blog Break and Bad Housekeeping Haiku

Hello! Right now school has started, a family reunion is imminent, and Miriam’s Well is going on a much needed hiatus until after Labor Day. I will be answering mail, though. Always looking to interview poets with new books, and publish haiku, tanka, haibun and other Japanese forms. Also, want short prose pieces and musings, memoir, and any look at creative process you’d like share, including events. I’m also interested in short term contributing writers. Is there something you’d like to examine for a while, or cover in detail? Drop me a note.


of five daddy longlegs–
cooler nights

Poetry Month! Call for Submissions


April is poetry month. Miriam’s Well will be posting a poem a day. Most of these will come from the archives–a time to appreciate some favorites.
The blog will also publish poems that you send. Please submit poems of average length (no more than 60 lines), haiku and other Japanese forms, concrete poems, and more. Work may be previously published–just include the credit.
To submit–use msagan1035@aol.com
Have fun!

Mosaics from Patagonia, AZ

Call for Submissions–Women and Nature

Call for Submissions

Sugar Mule: A Literary Magazine (http://www.sugarmule.com/) invites submissions for a special issue on Women Writing Nature. For this issue, the guest editor, Jeanetta Calhoun Mish, would like to see poetry and creative nonfiction (or the two combined) only—please don’t send fiction. Please send poetry, essays, memoirs, reflections, and scientifically-based essays (think McPhee) aimed at a general audience. Topics include (but are not limited to) women’s perspectives on nature, women’s experiences with nature or with its non-human inhabitants, and travel/voyager/explorer journals that concentrate on the writer’s interaction with the natural world. Contributions by women of color and by women outside the academy are encouraged. If you’re not sure if your essay will “fit,” send it along anyway—the editor hopes to collect the unusual essay as well as the common one written uncommonly well. If your essay or poetry is selected, it will be published online July 2012 in Sugar Mule. You may send queries for prose if you wish to confirm conditional acceptance before writing. Sugar Mule does not pay for accepted work(s) at this time. Query deadline is December 15; submission deadline (with or without query) is February 1. Please send submissions directly to the editor, Jeanetta Calhoun Mish: tonguetiedwoman AT gmail.com. Subject line must read: “Women Writing Nature.” We will not respond to submissions sent to the wrong email address or that do not have “Women Writing Nature” in the subject line.