Pat Crow knows how to bring calm from chaos. And she tells us how!

Pat Crow knows how to bring calm from chaos. Her native spirit name is “You Have Center Tail Feather Sacred Woman”. The interpretation of that is that when a bird in flight wants to stabilize itself, it uses it’s tail feathers as a rudder, so to speak. Her name reflects her ability to “surf” through chaos as if on a bird’s tail feather to being stability and calm to others. How does she do it? I asked her a few questions:

1. Did you learn this or was it natural?
2. What are the necessary steps involved?
3. Any advice for others? Warnings or hints?

Here is her response:
1.  I believe I learned this behavior, and then it became natural.  I have a propensity for seeing the big picture and recognizing what needs to happen to calm a situation or people.  I have a laser focus that understands what needs to happen without getting caught up in the swirl.

2.  First, gather your wits about you.  Chaos doesn’t necessarily perpetuate unless it is fed or left to its own devices.
     Second, break the existing pattern in order to make changes.
     Third, replace the pattern with a sustainable and more stable one.
     Fourth, follow through.
     Fifth, follow up.

3.  Being a change agent has its rewards, and yet folks often resist change.  They like keeping their familiar patterns, they’re more comfortable than new ones.   Don’t expect accolades.  Just do the job and know you did your best. Perhaps later you will see the benefit of your efforts.