We Are The Champions

I love Queen’s “We Are the Champions.” As does all of humanity. It is the rock anthem par excellance–and of course the winning team’s.
But when it comes on the car radio and I weep a little and sing along I’m not thinking about winning. I’m thinking about failure. I’m thinking about all I’ve lost and all I’ve struggled with and how at 59 years old (next month!) I still have the ability to go on and rise to the occasion. When I was a young window and a single mom, it was my song. When I didn’t get what I wanted professionally or health-wise or financially–mine.
I know I’m not alone. There are millions like me driving around in old Toyotas singing along. Running between daycare and care taking. Trying to substitute a kind word for mere knee jerk rudeness. Not giving the finger to the car that cuts us off.
The B side of the hit (ah, I miss B sides) was “We Will Rock You.” One of my favorite memories is coming into my daughter’s pre-school to be greeted by a grubby chorus line of kids on the playground chanting “We will we will rock you.” Indeed they did.
And we’ll keep on fighting to the end.