Hungarian Glass Artist

My name is Zoltán Viczán. I was born in Hungary in 1979. I had learnt glass cutting for 3 years at a secondary school in Budapest. I got my trade riport in a Competition of Best Glass polisher in 1996. Then I got my leaving certificate in 1998. I worked is several workshop and glass studio so I have learnt many techniques of glass cutting and engraving.

I moved to Japan in 2005 for two years. I worked for World Glassware Hall in Ishikawa prefecture. My job was produce and develop glassware, demonstrate the techniques of the European glass cutting and engraving for public information and company advertisement. These two years were very nice, however, the technical possibilities in Japan are very different from the Hungarian. I decided to come back to Hungary and continue the work in my studio.

In my work – which was exhibited in several occasion – cutting and engraving complete each other. The knowledge of glass engraving and cutting have been developed over generations. I try learn from the works of old masters and keep this knowledge alive and if possible I try to improve this knowledge and skill.

Currently I work in Hungary in my own studio near Budapest.

Hand engraved fresh water crayfish on green glass bowl. The green layer is in the inside of the bowl. The crayfish is green just like the glass, because the colored layer is inside, but the engraving is on the outside of the bowl. The green color not perforated by the engraving.
This piece made in Japan.