What I Have Eaten

What I Have Eaten (or tasted) on this trip so far:
4 kinds of gumbo
2 kinds of oysters Rockefeller
oyster cocktail (a heap of raw oysters on lettuce)
fried oyster
shrimp stuffed with crab
shrimp remoulade (mayo/mustard sauce)
fried catfish
fried calamari
red beans and rice
a dish of pasta with parmesan, shrimp, onions, green peppers and medallions of fried eggplant (this was one of the best dishes so far–eaten in a roadside place in Mississippi, with perhaps the weirdest table service I have ever experienced. Weirdness included the order in which things were served: appetizer and main dish together, condiments for appetizer at end of meal, then a dinner salad at absolute end of meal. Another dinner salad, asked for to go as it was so late, just never appeared. Also, multiple waiters, not all of whom were completely sober. An extremely long wait for the check. Neighboring patrons who left after never being served.)
oyster and artichoke soup
roast beef po’ boy (actually very good version of hot roast beef sandwich)
blueberry cupcake with inches of blue frosting
key lime pie
pecan pie
New Orleans dark beer