Starcode’s Astro Oracle

How exciting! I love decks of cards, and Heather Roan Robbins has just produced a beautiful deck that uses astrology and archetype to create a tool for intuition and self-reflection. The artwork, by Lucas Lua de Souza has a dreamy magical feeling, often with the effect of spheres within spheres or meaning within meaning.
For me, the best way to get to know a deck is to pull a card a day and meditate on it. I pulled “Vesta” for the goddess of the hearth–a flame within a small neoclassical temple, vibrant clouds behind.
The meaning is the perfect message for me right now as I do the laundry in my suitcase from a trip, turn on the heaters, and put the garden to bed. “Vesta calls to you to be a hearth fire, to share yourself for the benefit of all but still have enough energy to live healthfully and give again another day.”

I also thought I’d ask the deck: any advice for the readers of Miriam’s Well blog?

Retrograde: Review

“Stop the normal patterns of your life and take a break.” “It’s not a time, tempting though it may be, to reminisce, pick at old scars, or revisit a painful situation from your past.” “This is a moment out of the ordinary flow, an opportunity to use what you’ve worked so hard to learn.”

Widely available–Walmart, Amazon, and at–NwYbYEEv6kpwrpjKXMWbzD127HgXOpPMDPDjxoCXEYQAvD_BwE