Steve Klein — Glass

Sometimes it seems as if the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Or the spring wind is too much, tearing off petals and interrupting my dreams. Then it is time for me to search out what is good in my world, and go just a few blocks east to the Railyard. Here the beautiful still new Farmer’s Market hall graces the block. The park looks good. The Railrunner goes by with panache, its red and yellow bird totem streaming feathers.
LewAllen Gallery is a major treat. This is the second location, and oddly I’m apt to go to the one on Palace rather than this closer one. I’m glad I went in. Emily Mason’s colors cover the walls–brilliant brilliant hues. It is like Diebenkorn on steroids. I’m always looking for maps and I find some in her work, one called “Voyage” which looks like a nighttime flight over the continent. The show is called “Color Revelations” and it is.
As always, I’m looking for glass. These are startling. Glass balls might include fishing weights, or fortune telling balls, but these seem to have rolled in out of a geometric landscape and landed. Not just decorative, but signifying something…although in the end the meaning here might also be beauty, color, and light. It as if these colored balls have blown in out of an interior place, or perhaps just on the wind.