Stone Quarry Hill Art Park

About a dozen years ago, I had the opportunity to be a writer in residence in this outdoor sculpture park in upstate New York. It looks like things are taking off there these days!

Clavaria: A Light Installation by Annie Mitchell
Join us at the Art Park in the dark on August 20 and August 27 to experience light and sound artist Annie Mitchell’s Clavaria, a fiber optic sculptural installation. This happening is free and offers a very special opportunity to experience Mitchell’s captivating work that transforms our experience of the Art Park’s grounds.
Happening dates & times:
Friday, August 20: 9pm & 10pm
Friday, August 27: 9pm & 10pm
Register for this special free happening!…/clavaria-a-light…
Photo description: A small figure kneeling amidst glowing blue fiber optics emerging from a large tree. Photo courtesy of the artist.

More Aria

These are the last photos I’ll post of the Aria Station area in Las Vegas. It interests me that these basically decorative fountains et al co-exist with the similar–but much more “serious” James Turrell. It kind of blurs distinctions.
I have high hopes for Vegas right now in terms of more and new land art and installations–it’s got the money, the scale, and the tradition of Nevada as an epicenter. I’m keeping an eye out!

These are made of ice.

And fountains change color…