I had a nice time in Nob Hill yesterday–a breezy still autumnal day in Albuquerque. Went to Papers (which has moved, but just a few storefronts down) for my annual notebook buying spree. I love notebooks–the only supplies needed by me as a writer. I need big ones, little ones for my purse, blank ones, lined ones. I need a new one for every project, every journey. They make me happy.
Then to my favorite gallery in the city–Mariposa Gallery ( I visited my favorite haute couture collection–miniature dresses made of metal and what looks like recycled bits–how chic!
Here is a description of the artist:

“Marcia Sednek is best known for her ability to transform found objects into fetching miniature dress sculptures. Using recycled materials like antique cookie tins, old baking pans or even a rusty cheese grader, Sednek forms each dress into a one -of -a -kind piece of art.

For personal adornment, Marcia cuts, twists and bends the same innovative materials into whimsical miniature purse & flower pins. The youngest of sixteen children, Marcia lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.”

I wonder if being the youngest meant hand-me-down-dolls…

Also at Mariposa–a shadowbox by Karan Sipe–with an old fashioned ceramic doll dressed in a map, globe and airplane dangling (Yes, I bought it).

And some beautiful small new paintings by April Park, with dreamy houses, little ducks and creatures, Klee-esque. I loved the one inscribed with the phrase–“wish you were here.”