The NM State Fair was quieter than usual and required vaccine proof–both good things. But fewer 4-H exhibitions and such, showing COVID’s toll.

However, pie is perfect! All these delicious slices are from a consortium of faith groups and go to feed the hungry in Albuquerque year round.

We had the day’s special–blueberry. And the personally iconic fave: strawberry-rhubarb.

Along with giant pumpkins, this is my harbinger of autumn.

Giant Veggies and Pygmy Goats–New Mexico State Fair

I love the giant vegetables, and rush to see them first. This squash weighs more than most members of my immediate family. A guy walked by and muttered–“A whole lot of calabacitas there!”

(You can find out more about the grower at http://giantveggiegardener.com/category/giant-veggies-other/giant-long-gourd/)

The model trains now include our prized Railrunner!

Then off to see the pygmy goats, coo over them, and express my unattainable desire for a goat:

Unexpectedly, there were Matachine dancers, which I adore. Along with the bull dancer fighting a guy with a whip.The audience was invited to dance at the end, and I went up. Many many years ago I danced with a clown at the edge of the Matachines at San Juan Pueblo, Cristmas Eve Day. Who knows if I’ll get a chance again.

Photo by evangelineartphotography.wordpress.com

From New Mexico Magazazine

The midway looked beautiful and alluring, all lit up. I can’t go to the State Fair but think of Charlotte’s Web, and Fern on the ferris wheel.