Writing Fiction in Your Pajamas!

Where are you? Paris? Nome, Alaska? The Falklands? Singapore? Santa Fe? No problem—you can lounge in your pajamas and study fiction writing on-line.
Santa Fe Community College is offering two on-line classes that start August 25. I am teaching the intro to fiction as a flash fiction course. We’ll be reading the two fantastic SUDDEN FICTION anthologies (American & International) and working on character sketches, pov, fable, magical tales, flashbacks, and more. This is English 221.
English 225 with Russell Whiting is the more advanced intermediate course, good for honing skills, completion, extension, vision, and re-vision. We don’t offer this course that frequently, so take advantage.
These courses are very inexpensive, run 15-16 weeks, create a virtual community of writers with discussion boards, and give you a lot of individual feedback. If you are an SFCC student they are requirements and electives in creative writing—and you don’t have to stay in your pj’s—but come by our office hours any time!
I’m glad to answer questions.
You can register online at http://jack.sfcc.edu; by phone (call 428-1000); or in person by going to the Enrollment Center.

PS. I’m also recommending Daniel Kilpatric’s classroom POETRY (ENGL 222). He is know for his intriguing writing prompts to inspire your poetry.