Stoner Patriot Peace Garden of All Faiths









Amarillo, Texas: Stoner Patriot Peace Garden of All Faiths by Richard Daniel Baker
This is completely amazing. One man’s folly—or more. The site just sits out on the plains off of I-40. It reminds me of so may things—Burma Shave signs on Route 66, Cadillac Ranch outside Amarillo, giant crosses on the plains.
It’s a essentially a circle, with a cross bisecting a peace sign—sacred architecture. It’s like outsider land art, sharing with Nancy Holt an obsession with time and dates. Like Charles Ross’s Star Axis, it is a walk through time.
It wouldn’t surprise me to discover artist Baker is a Vietnam Vet, or friend of some.
The dates are of historical events (unnamed but identifiable)—important to the artist. These include Woodstock, John Lennon’s death, and the Moon Walk.It extols the virtues of the military, of marijuana, of the ’60’s counterculture, of religion, peace, and welding.

Seen from the air, the whole site is a peace sign.peace-farm