shadowed graveyard
stones of strangers
a foreign language

after the rain
old man on a bicycle
pedals by

I sit writing
by the shrine—perplex
the neighbors

I traveled
my whole life, just to enjoy

twisted leafless trees—
this slick moss
almost trips me up

politics blares
from the passing van,
clumps of narcissus

Photographs by Isabel Winson-Sagan

Tree Mushrooms–Photographs by Isabel Winson-Sagan & Ikisan Station Questions–Poem by Miriam Sagan

Ikisan Station Questions

What is the name of the 3-headed Buddha?

How many calories are in the hot sweet milk tea bottle from the vending machine?

Is the vending machine a shrine?

How can you and I be so different?

Does the old lady across the way like me?

Why does the man I love love trains?

Does pebble equal mountain?

Was I here before and if so, why am I still lost?

What is the physics of the ancestors?

Is the boulder faceless?

Who owns these clouds?