Poetry Garden Update

So here is how it is going. I purchased a lot on Acequia de La Joyas, and cleaned it. It is now a blank slate. I’m going to add three boulders first, to give it some definition.
Haven’t decided on specifics, but these give a general idea:

Each step gives structure to the land, but limits options. I feel a gain and yet loss of potential as I go forward. This ties in with my thinking about retirement and my own use of time. How many strictures do I want or need? Some are inevitable, but what about the chosen ones?

I hope that adding the boulders will help clarify my thinking.

Poetry Garden

Let’s just say you have just bought .2 acres off of Agua Fria in a zone 3 residential neighborhood in Santa Fe. (Let’s say you are me!). And you don’t yet know exactly what the city will allow, or how much budget you have. But you have a vision to put up a poetry garden–text installed in numerous ways on this wild sunny lot. How would you hardscape? Would you add a little house or ramadas? Would the feeling be wet or dry?
For the moment–and this is that last moment–let’s leave practicalities out it. Please go wild! I need your fresh ideas, most particularly about how to put poetry text INTO a setting.
Soon enough I’ll be limited by realities, so now is time to dream.
Thank you! Do post below in comments section.