Parenthetically Speaking: Museum of Glass

The Museum of Glass in Tacoma was an incredibly inspiring experience. Outstanding among the exhibits, particularly for a writer:

Parenthetically Speaking: It’s Only a Figure of Speech is a new collection of work by San Francisco-based artist Mildred Howard comprising more than 40 glass punctuation marks, proofreading symbols and musical notes.  Howard’s inspiration for the work came from At the End, a poem by her friend and Peabody Award-winner Quincy Troupe.  Both the poem and the exhibition reference punctuation as a metaphor for the passage of time.  “Life is a series of questions,” comments Howard.  “As soon as you answer one, you’re on to the next.”


at the end
of every sentence
a period
occupying space
as molecular energy

a point to make
another point

Quincy Troupe