From Reykjavik Grapevine–a poet and statues

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Kristín Svava Tómasdóttir studies history at the University of Iceland and works at the Þjóðarbókhlaðan, the University Library. But, first and foremost, she is a young poet who is leading the way into a bright future for contemporary Icelandic poetry. She has been a member of the local poetry scene and Reykjavík’s publishing circle Nýhil for years, and has participated in in Nýhil’s annual International Poetry Festival since the beginning. Kristín had her breakthrough when a publisher approached her after a reading at the festival. This is how she finally came to publish her first collection of lyrical works in 2007, Blóðgælur, a self-acclaimed “Best-of” collection. “For me the book was not that huge a step. I have been doing this for many years, and I never really had the urge to publish a book myself. But perhaps that is also a flaw of mine, sometimes I am not very ambitious.”

1 Þotuhreiður

This one is just beautiful, like a bird coming from an egg. And it is on this very appropriate place at Keflavík airport, where it represents the wish of every islander to get away. I can really feel it, when I look at þotuhreiður.

2 Stúlka

This one is the very small statue of a girl, sitting on her knees in a flowerbed in front of my school in Reykjavík. I like it, because it is an interactive statue due to its height. When we were around she was always holding cigarettes, flowers, or Coke-bottles or beer.

3 The giant phone in Hafnarfjörður

When I was a kid and on a trip to Hafnarfjörður, I saw a giant phone, which I found hilarious. I do not know what its called, who had made it or even whether it is still there, but I still keep a photo of me sitting on it.

4 Óþekkti embættismaðurinn

“The Unknown Official“ is a great statue! It is humorous and sarcastic. It represents the unknown warrior, respectively as an official, because there are no warriors any more. There must be many officials walking by it every morning because it is so close to the parliament.

5 Berlínarbjörninn

The “Berlin Bear” is in front of the German embassy, which is also close to my old school. It has the distance to Berlin in kilometers written on it. I like the thought of walking around in Reykjavík and thinking of Berlin.