Patti Smith cut the cuffs off her shirt
I would never do that, I would never do that.
Our friend Webb went AWOL from Vietnam
we hid him out. Now, I would never do that.

I hitchhiked to Harvard Square
while my bug was in the shop
Marquis de Sade was there
against an Ivy League backdrop,

Now would you ever? Time passes
people move around a lot and end up west.

Other people were dancing rock and roll
I was peeling the bark from a Ponderosa Pine
I was giving birth in a three-room house
with no running water and a full moon bass line.

Would you ever do that, would you ever?

The parrot ran off with the day
I would never do that, I would never do that
The magpies were making raucous hay
Their tuxedos and tails, their noisy ways

My mother was paying the bills, and soon
she’d be selling the shop. The photos
of movies stars would fall . All would
vanish from the Carlton House Hotel.

I said, Hey Lovey Dovey, yeah I said,
Hey, Lovey Dovey. We’ve been married these fast forty years
with our burgeoning bourgeois frames and our bank
roll in your back pocket.

I’d never do that, You know I’d never.

Bob Dylan was passing through but I never got
his name. Janis Joplin would soon be through
and nobody called her tame. I put on my goody two shoes
and stared out the window in flame.

I gave birth to you and you and you
and nobody called out my name. I was Mama
I was Joanie, I was Jane. I wore out
my Goody two shoes, I was wild and then I tamed.

You were tame and then you got wild.
Three times I handed you a child.
Just check it out, over here, all alone
It’s Paradise without a throne.

Six acres and my last good nerve
Patti Smith came back in a huff
I rolled up my shirt cuffs. I deposited notes
in the bank, gave myself a third chance.

The small coyote howled, the computer
ran out of ink. The latest was just a child
with a heart as deep as the sink.
I can’t stop finding the joy,

even when the meanings run out.
The evening was alive, it was evening’s turn
to shout. I won’t ever do this
I won’t ever…I said Hey Lovey Dovey, hey….

Living La Vida Local with Santa Fe’s Poet Laureate Joan Logghe

Living La Vida Local with Santa Fe’s Poet Laureate

— check archive for dates

Labor Day at the Railyard Park

Monday, September 6, 12:00-3:00 pm, at noon I’ll read a Labor Day poem. There will be free food and Democrats!

Premier reading at Collected Works::

Thursday, September 23, 6:00. note new date because Jimmy Santiago Baca was reading at old date!

Joan Logghe with read with Alvaro Cardona-Hine, her dear and inspiring friend. His recent book from UNM Press is The Curvature of the Earth with the late Gene Frumkin.and Joan will read from works in progress.

Cardona-Hine is a poet, painter, and composer and lives beside the gallery in Truchas with his wife, Barbara McCauley, who also paints and writes beautifully.

Joan and the Giant Pencil::

Sunday, September 26, 2-4:00 PM at the NM Museum of Art. In a program for young children and their parents, Joan Logghe, will be accompanied by musician Jeremy Bleich. They will present a program suitable for the early elementary years, ages 6-9 give or take. After the performance children will be invited to write in the galleries, accompanied by an adult. This launches similar programs to be offered to four schools during the school year. Free admission to all.

Women’s Festival of the Book:: October 1-3

Anne Lamott’s kick-off reading at the Lensic, Tuesday, September 28 at 7:00

Intro by Joan Logghe. Tickets at the Lensic or

Check out New Mexico Creates web site. Friday there are workshops all day for a small fee.

Saturday and Sunday, at The New Mexico History Museum off the SF Plaza.

All day readings and book signings by women authors. I will be reading at 1:30 on Saturday in the Meem Room. Free.

Ghost Ranch: Living Life twice, Writing the Sacred Down

October 3-9 or 505-685-4333, check it out, it is happening for sure.

Southside Library, Tuesday, October 19, 4:00, Joan and the Giant Pencil. For young kids and their adults.

Broadside Exhibit and A Spirited Reading and exhibit. Friday, Oct 29, 6-8PM. The Meem room at the New Mexico Museum of History has a show of poetry broadsides by Tom Leech of the Palace Press. These are printed on a letter press on handmade paper. Poets will read and celebrate Tom’s generous and beautiful work and support of the Poet Laureate Program. Readers are Arthur Sze, Valerie Martinez, John Brandi, Renée Gregorio, Miriam Sagan, James Bixler, Gary “Mex” Glazner, Jane Hilberry from Colorado College, and myself.

Museum of International Folk Art::

Sunday, November 14, 2:00-4:00, Writing in the Galleries, in conjunction with the show, Material World, Textiles and dress from the collection. Free with NM license.

“My candle burns at both ends

It will not last the night;

But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends-

It gives a lovely light.” Edna St. Vincent Millay 1920 (Us Poet 1892-1950)