Some Spring Haiku by Kristen Lindquist

morning fog
my to-do list full
of question marks

circling back
to our conversation
broad-winged hawk

spring flooding
the river goes back
to its old ways

still-leafless trees…
pondering the motives
of crows

spring flood
pairs of ducks
sail past

March wind
on the bay whitecaps
become gulls

rainy day traffic
memories of the ocean
within us all

ice storm
the surprising number
of hollow trees

Kristen Lindquist is a writer and nature/birding guide who lives in Camden, Maine. She has been a member of the Broadmoor Haiku Collective for a year this month. She has published two full-length collections of free verse poetry. Her haiku chapbook It Always Comes Back was the winner of the 2020 Snapshot Press e-Chapbook Award and will be published in spring 2021. 

Kristen’s website and blog:

These are from her blog–I’ll be following it!