More Tsunami Haiku and Hokusai Wave

Josie Hibbing ‎

squatting on the rooftops
an old man watches his world
drift to the sea

Mark Brooks

pieces of future days
wash away



winged ants caught
by their shadows

Safe in a Dangerous World

Sign outside a church on the Navajo Nation: IN A SCARY WORLD THE SAFEST PLACE IS NEXT TO JESUS.
It got me thinking–I’m an anxious person but I don’t necessarily think of the world as scary. Sure, it scares me, but also delights, entertains, bemuses, entices, repulses, irritates, and amazes me.
I have been wondering though, how do I locate myself in this world? I read the comment of a Japanese woman whose new house had come down in the tsunami. “This,” she said “is life.” Not a disaster, or a tragedy. Life.
How connected am I to world events, or even to myself?

I’ve heard that young Navajo weavers often start out with flags as a first design. The stripes are similar to some traditional designs. The woman who sold me a rug today was wearing a jacket that incorporated an American flag. After 9/11, these little rugs became scarce and more expensive.
In a scary world the safest place is…What do you think?