What Are You Reading?

This often gets a good response, and I hope for one here.
What are you enjoying? Include genre too, and non-fiction, and what you read for relaxation.
Just post below or write me at msagan1035@aol.com and I’ll compose some blog posts!
I’m almost done with Simone de Beauvoir’s “Inseparable” about a romantic friendship.(If it was by Colette it would be sexy, and there would be more cats and better food. As is, somewhat…philosophical.) Added plus–a very witty intro by Margaret Atwood.
“The Unseen” is about a tiny Norwegian island in the Arctic Ocean. It seems to be about the hard details of life until suddenly it becomes wildly dramatic. I was mesmerized, but you have to like reading about dried fish. By Roy Jacobsen.
And, so far, four out of five books in a densely populated family saga. Starting with “The Light Years” this traces a sprawling British family, the Cazalets, from right before WW2 through to the post war years, by Elizabeth J. Howard. The boredom of war, and the oppression of even lively childhoods, is exquisitely drawn. You’ll need the cast of characters sheet, though.
And you?