Monday Feature by Michaela Kahn: A poem for the dark goddess

A poem for the dark goddess …

In the spirit of Winter and Fairy Tales and Dark Goddesses (I got a few fairy tale and dark goddess books for the holidays this year!) — I thought I’d share this little poem.

you discover
Night is a bird with black wings.

The lesson is soft, and returns
no matter how many times
you drink the water and forget.

When you come to Her,
the sword may
or may not

Monday Feature by Michaela Kahn–Poem “Winter’s King”

Winter’s King 
What hangs just touching 
the day’s last pewter:

a crow’s black feather,
smoke, untraceable.
His face is always
torn, his scent among
decomposing leaves.
Snow will come,
fill the space between trees,
sift down through fingers and needles to
brush my eyelids.
I give him my name.
I cup him into my gloved hands.
He hangs in last light
at the edge of the wood,
among the wild turkeys,
foraging for seed.