Paint & Sparrow by Alona Bonanno

Paint & Sparrow
by Alona Bonanno
There are no words between us
Only movement and song
The rhythm of your hooves against the red dirt
Lends ground to my airy tune
It is your voice that causes me to gallop giddy
Across open stretches of desert
Your familiar call
Which beckons me back again
Your whistle from the branch of an aging oak
Calms my racing heart
When your thick body rests in the deep night
I find comfort in the warmth of your mane
Remaining there till morning
Our chests rising and falling in unison

Alona Bonanno is a student in the creative writing program at SFCC. She is a current editor on the Santa Fe Literary Review, and right now is considering submissions of non-fiction and memoir in particular.

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