What Should I Read–in public, in my pajamas?

I’m preparing for a performance piece at CCA as part of an altar installation called “Not Your Perfect Offering.” (January 27, 2013). Joan Logghe, Jamie Figuero, and I each have an hour for a set called “The Poet At Home.”
I am going to sit and read silently in my pjs while drinking tea.
The aesthetic goal is vulnerability.
The personal goal–a nice pair of new pajamas.

But what to read?
Poet Mary Rueffle says the reader’s expression changes based on the book.

My friend Hope said–will you cross your legs the way you always do?
Kath asked–where are you going to get the pajamas (I think January sake at Dillards).

But what to read?
I think more than one book.

Your suggestions?

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