Haiku in the Hood Project is UP on Santa Fe’s Westside

The first haiku sign–first line of the poem–starts at 626 Kathryn St.

The next line is on a sign one block north on Kathryn, on the west side of the street (just south of Agua Fria).


Then go to Cortez, one block west of Kathryn, between Sierra Vista and Hickox. Look on the west side.


The haiku is by Chiyo-ni, a medieval Japanese woman poet. Translation by Miriam Sagan and Isabel Winson-Sagan. Design, fabrication, and installation by Tim Brown and Isabel Winson-Sagan.

We hope to put up another series of three signs in the spring in the same neighborhood. I’m keeping a master list of people interested in hosting a sign. If you aren’t on the west side, we need three locations to install.

Look forward to your responses!

6 thoughts on “Haiku in the Hood Project is UP on Santa Fe’s Westside

  1. But what if one drives the route in reverse? Then,

    Every thing
    hushes bit by bit
    at the new moon

    Or, start north on Kathryn St then go to the south sign, then Cortez by whatever route:

    Hushes bit by bit
    at the new moon
    every thing

    (which is now perfect for 2 capping lines!)

    In fact, there are 6 possible combinations (3x2x1=6), but I’ll stop here.

    • Michael–these possibilities appeared to me too, as I walk these blocks a lot in different directions (although thank you for the math!). The middle line has the colors switched, but would anyone notice? It certainly reads well with 1 and 3 switched. I’m realizing any additional ones have to have intact or “complete” lines too. Thanks for reading!

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