Sherman Asher has just published my new novel. Here is the start: “I had two mothers. Or maybe I had three. There was my real mother who died when I was born. And then there was the woman who claimed to be my mother, my stepmother Grace. Behind them, like a shadowy third, was the crazy lady, the one who had wanted to be my mother most of all. She was both murderer and midwife, my mother’s killer and the one who brought me into the world. Hers were the first pair of human eyes I ever saw.”


Collected Works Bookstore, Santa Fe, October 16, Friday, 6 pm

Bookworks, Albuquerque, November 4, Wednesday, 7 pm

Please come listen to a reading, get a signed book, say hello!


I know I owe a few you copies for commenting on the cover design–remind me if I forget to get you one! Also, a limited number of review copies are available–write me at for details.

More events are upcoming! I’m also available for readings, signings, and to talk to book groups.

To read an excerpt, search this site for “Novel in a Drawer.”

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