You Are Not The Boss of Me

My social media feed is often full of things telling me how to think and feel. I must do this, I must do that, eat this, that, not this, that, protest this, that, agree with, disagree with…the list is endless. Much as I enjoy hearing what others are doing and thinking, I don’t like being subjected to a barrage of control. I feel that ideas and actions are being increasingly policed, but in ways I find repetitious, not revelatory.

What really set me off was a Facebook response to a privately sponsored writer’s residency that paid a stipend. No good deed goes unpunished as the offer was attacked from every possible angle—including that they didn’t fund authors enough! I’ve been involved with the vision of possible residency using a Tiny House, and I found this conversation downright depressing.

Then it occurred to me I don’t have to worry. My family tried to control me and I left New Jersey the day after high school graduation. Just a heads up to the universe-—bossing me around does’t work as a form of communication.

I am, however, a willing servant to my autumn blooming roses and my dirty suminagashi tray…Photo by Isabel Winson-Sagan

4 thoughts on “You Are Not The Boss of Me

  1. Ah, Facebook, so much is aggressive, I left it.

    “…a privately sponsored writer’s residency that paid a stipend.”

    That sounds great!

    “…the vision of possible residency using a Tiny House…”
    Go for it!

    At Call of the Page I have a different method in mind, and once we have aspects of our still newish house sorted, it’ll go onto the website. It’s not a residency, although what I was thinking of, that could also be an option.

    re: autumn blooming roses

    Which kind in particular? Karen has lots of different roses, and we are also thinking of Christmas Roses (bloom in January) so our workshop room will have a view of them, and other lovelies. 🙂

    Good luck in your ventures, perhaps Twitter might be a kinder place? 🙂

    warmest regards,
    co-founder, Call of the Page

    • Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I don’t even know what kind of roses–just average red and yellow–but I coaxed a second bloom from them because we’ve had soft rainy weather.

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