Why Is There A Piano on the Sandbar in Biscayne Bay?

From the NY Times:

Published: January 25, 2011

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. — From the shore, it looks like an oddly shaped buoy. But as residents here have discovered on closer inspection, it is in fact a grand piano perched upright on a narrow sand bar in Biscayne Bay — a sight that has inspired wordsmiths to compete to name South Florida’s newest curiosity (“piano bar” seems to have won).

The more relevant question, of course, is who might have left the 650-pound piano atop the highest point of the sand bar, about 200 yards from shore, and why.


So–a question for my readers–what do you think? Poetry, anyone?

2 thoughts on “Why Is There A Piano on the Sandbar in Biscayne Bay?

  1. Steve Peters the truth is out there – http://www.cnn.com/2011/US/01/27/mystery.piano/index.html?npt=NP1

    Paula Lozar I suspected it was someone’s art project. Nonetheless, I still like it: It got people all over the U.S. talking for a couple of days about something weird and wonderful, rather than the negatives we’ve all heard way too much of lately.

    Ken McPherson It has to do with a middle “Sea”.

    Anne Cunningham-Gigglepants because the chicken crossed the road.

    Samanthi Martinez I don’t know but if it weren’t winter, I’d be looking for a tall pina colada!

    Miriam Sagan Alas, Steve, you have provided the truth…

    Steve Peters alas, the bigger truth is that Annea Lockwood was doing this in the 60s – http://www.annealockwood.com/
    about an hour ago · Like

  2. Paula Lozar Then there’s the two guys who hauled an old sofa around the U.S. and photographed people sitting on it in unlikely places.

    (Not to mention Tony Hawks’ “Round Ireland with a Fridge” — yes, he was hitchhiking.)

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